I am an International Cinematographers Guild IATSE Local 600 Director of Photography and FAA Part 107 drone op, located in Atlanta, GA. I work nationwide, and internationally, with a valid U.S. passport. 

Experienced in multiple camera systems. Own and operate an ARRI Mini, Red Weapon, Sony FX 9, as well as Movi Pro. Excellent equipment to shoot anything from commercials, documentary, music, corporate, or narrative. Powerful , versatile and efficient lighting and grip, catered for any project.

Strong lighting and camera skills, studying under some of the best cinematographers in the world with 4 X ASC Master Classes, and a big fan of constantly pushing the boundaries, and never stopping one's education.

I have built a solid reputation for top quality work, with wonderful companies. Hard working, team player, with an excellent storytelling vision.

Safety above all: All gear is sanitized, and I always carry a PPE kit with extra masks, gloves, thermometer, sanitizing gels, sprays, and more, for myself and crew. Will take Covid-19 tests as required, no problem.



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Constantly improving one's self in an ever-evolving, competitive industry is a must for any filmmaker. This is what I've chosen to invest in over the years: 

 ASC Master Class on Film - Dan Mindel, ASC (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Star Trek) ,  Linus Sandgren, ASC (La La Land, First Man), Mikael Salomon (The Abyss, Far and Away).


ASC Master Class - Rodrigo Prieto, ASC, Bill Bennett, ASC, , M. David Mullen, ASC, Don McCuaig, ASC, Rodney Charters, ASC, Jacek Laskus, ASC, Oliver Bokelberg,

ASC Master Class - Ueli Steiger, ASC, James Neihouse, ASC, Robert Legato, ASC, Curtis Clark, ASC, Bill Bennett, ASC, Jacek Laskus, ASC, Theo Van de Sande, ASC.

ASC Master Class - Shelley Johnson, ASC, Stephen H. Burum, ASC, Robert Legato, ASC, Don McCuaig, ASC, Bill Bennett, ASC, Euli Steiger, ASC, Curtis Clark, ASC.

FAA Part 107 UAS Certified - Trained by DART Drones (Professional Operator Certfication).

Director of Photography Master Class - Studied under Rodney Taylor, ASC. - Maine Media.

Feature Film Lighting - Studied with Morris “Mo” Flam (The English Patient, Black Mass, Black Swan, All the King’s Men, Cold Mountain, I Am Legend) -Maine Media.

Location Lighting - Studied with Travis Nathan Trudell (Shutter Island, Gone Baby Gone, Black Mass, Captain Phillips). Maine Media.


Abelcine Movi Operator training - Abelcine. Officially listed by Abelcine on their site - http://training.abelcine.com/movi-operator-list/

REDucation training with RED Digital Cinema - Abelcine. 

Digital Imaging Technician with Andy Shipsides - Abelcine.


Advanced Camera Operator - Studied under Rodney Taylor, ASC. - Maine Media 

Steadicam Workshop - Studied under Paul Taylor - Maine Media

Camera in Action - Studied under Zach Zamboni - Maine Media


These are highly informative, must-reads:

  • American Cinematographer's Manual.

  • Film Lighting: Talks with Hollywood Cinematographers and Gaffers by Kris Malkiewicz.

  • Digital Cinematography by David Stump, ASC.

  • Set Lighting Technician's Handbook by Henry C. Box.

  • Cinematography by Kris Malkiewicz and M. David Mullen, ASC.

  • The Filmmaker's Guide to Digital Imaging by Blain Brown.

  • Motion Picture and Video Lighting by Blain Brown.

  • The Five C's of Cinematography by Joseph V. Mascelli.





peter@synchronicity.online or p@peterdimako.com

Tel: 859-327-7833 


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