Powerful, Efficient and Top Quality


  • RED Weapon Helium 8K Package. PL, EF mounts as well as Standard OLPF, Low Light OLPF and Skin Tone OLPF.

  • Panasonic Varicam 35 Super 35 4K Camera Package.

  • Sony FS7 Mark II (available with EF to E mount and/or PL to E mount adapters)

  • Sony A7S Mark II (available with EF to E mount and/or PL to E mount adapters)

  • Panasonic Lumix GH4 (available with M43 to EF mount, M43 to PL mount)

Take your shots to the next level with ultimate flexibility.
Standard package includes:
  • Movi Pro (with Mimic)

  • Cinemilled Ready Rig Spindle Conversion.

  • Cinemilled Ready Rig GS Swivel for massive flexibility in tracking shots

  • ReadyRig GS with Pro arms

  • Cinemilled PRO Dovetail

Available Add-ons (not included in standard package):

- Small HD703 Ultra bright.

- Atomos Shogun Inferno 4K screen/recorder with sunhood.

- RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus (2 axis Focus, Iris / Zoom)
- Paralinx Ace 1:2 transmitter.

- Cinemilled Pro Ring.

- Gimbal counterweights.

- Ninja star and toad-in-the-hole (for multiple mounting options, including on Kessler PocketJib Pro, Matthews Freedom Car Mounts, Brauer Hostess Tracks, and more - see below for car kits and jibs)












I am FAA Part 107 certified, trained by Dart Drones, and fly a DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Obsidian. Outstanding image quality, fast set up and 4K up to 60p fps



Want to shoot in a tight space? We fly a DJI Mavic Air which has you covered. 

Motion Control, Crane and Dolly Systems:

  • Kessler Cinedrive Motion Control Package.

  • Kessler Shuttle Dolly with 8, 12 and 20 ft speed rail.

  • Kessler PocketJib Pro.

Car Kits:

  • Matthews Freedom Car Mount

  • Matthews Brauer Hostess Tray


  • Canon CN-E series lenses PL converted by Duclos Lenses. Covers full frame sensors and includes:

    - CN-E 14mm PL
    - CN-E 24mm PL
    - CN-E 35mm PL
    - CN-E 50mm PL
    - CN-E 85mm PL
    - CN-E 135mm PL

  • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

  • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

Camera Lens Adapters:

- Sony: Metabones Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E Mount T CINE Smart Adapter (Fifth Generation) - Cineadapter for Canon CN-E lenses. Locks lens in like an ARRI PL mount.


Broadcast and Compact Monitors:

  • Panasonic BT-LH2170. 21 Inch Production Video Monitor.

  • Atomos Shogun Inferno capable of 4K 60p capture (GH5) and HDR capability.

  • Small HD502​

Tripod Systems:

  • O' Connor 2065 with Ronford Baker heavy duty tripod and spreader.

  • Sachtler System 18.

  • Sachtler FSB-8.

Lighting & Grip:

I drive a Dodge Promaster with equipment you need, not equipment you rent and never use. Most companies sell you on an aged "tungsten package" of classic Mole fixtures. I don't waste your time and money on items you don't need, but items you want to use - powerful, efficient, beautiful on skin tones with high CRI. 

  • JokerBug 1600W with bug-a-beam adapter to add Leko barrels for a very strong, defined beam of light when needed. Outstanding power in a low-weight, efficient light which can run on 15amp house power.

  • 4 X BBS Lighting Area 48 Remote Phosphor lights. High CRI with Tungsten, Daylight and Chroma BLue panelas for blue screen lighting. Ganged together with the 2X2 grid, these create a powerful 5K soft light. 2 X Softboxes and 3 X egg crates available.



  • LITEPANELS GEMINI - A gorgeous soft light with a High CRI/TLCI of 97 (Daylight) and 99 (Tungsten). Featuring variable color temperature CCT Mode, Plus / Minus Green Control, Hue, Light Intensity and Saturation Control and much more. Comes with a DOPChoice Snapgrid.








  • APUTURE LIGHT STORM 300D - SUPER lightweight and powerful, the Aputure Light Storm 300D daylight LED has a CRI of over 96 and is as powerful as a 400w HMI or 2K tungsten. One can easily fill shadows in daylight with this fixture. The light weights just 4.6lbs, making for multiple rigging options on location. Comes with a spacelight for a beautiful key, as well as light down and fresnel.









  • DP Lumi - Sensational bi-color 1 X 3 ft LEDs offer excellent power at incredible CRI's of over 96 from 3200K to 5600K, and in between temperatures. All come with softboxes and egg crates. Stack all 3 fixtures together in a 3X3 grid through a softbox and you have a large, gorgeous light. Perfect for top lights with wide shoots, or 3 camera set ups where fixtures need to be well placed, out of camera,. You can tape them up to the ceiling, they're so light!


  • Mole Senior 900W Daylight LED - Mole Richardson is a legend in the filmmaking industry. They need no introduction. With this high CRI Daylight LED fresnel (5K tungsten equivalent). Strong build quality with the beauty and versatility of fresnel lights.

  • Fiilex Q1000 - Fiilex's Dens Matrix Technology gives you an impressive CRI of 96 and is a 1,500-2000W tungsten equivalent, color tuneable from 2800 - 6500K as well as having flicker free dimming from 0-100%. Add in the Para Softbox and this is a stunning key light for multiple uses. With the 8 inch fresnel lens accessory, your power increases, and your beam angle narrows from 25° to 10°.


As Well As:

  • Chimera Pancake with ARRILITE 750.

  • 12 X 12 frames with Matthbounce, LiteGrid Cloth and Solids.

  • 6 X 6 frames with lite Gridcloth, Matthbounce and 1/2 Soft Frost.

  • 8 X 8 frames with silks and Matthbounce, full silk

  • 4 X 4 frames with bleached and unbleached muslin.

  • 4X4 floppies.

  • Wescott Book Light kit with 3/4 silk, 1/2 grid cloth, unbleached muslin.

  • Rosco E-Colour #215 1/2 Tough Spun (48"x25' Roll)​

  • Rosco #3004 Filter - 1/2 Density Soft Frost (48"x25' Roll)​

  • Wide variety of gel rolls in various strengths from CTO, CTS, CTB, Urban Vapor, Cinefoil and much more.​​

  • C-stands.

  • Junior stands.

  • Hi-Hi stands.

  • Matthews compact 24X36 scrim, solid, cookie kit.​​

  • Matthelinis.

  • Matthews Quacker Clamps.​

  • Matthews Mafer Clamps.

  • Pipe clamps.

  • 2 x 8ft speed rail, 2 x 12ft speed rail, 2 x 20ft speed rail.


  • ...and so much more. Almost whatever items you need for your shoot, we can source for your shoot.